In the current version, we provide transcriptomic profiles (RNA-seq) of barnyardgrass (E. curs-galli) and rice interactions. Detailed method is described as following.
The modified relay seeding in agar (RSA) method (Navarez & Olofsdotter, 1996) was used to investigate the allelopathic interactions between barnyardgrass (STB08) and rice (PI312777). Ten PI312777 germinated seeds were first transferred to a bottle (10 cm in base diameter) filled with 50 mL of medium containing 0.5% agar, and STB08 germinated seeds were transferred to a Petri dish with sterile water. The PI312777 seeds were arranged in three rows with a 3-4-3 pattern. Five days later, ten STB08 germinated seeds were then transferred to the same container, and five seeds were grown between rows of PI312777 seeds. The PI312777 and STB08 plants were co-cultured for 3 h, 7 d, and 14 d in a SAFE incubator (Ningbo, China) at 30°C in light (14 h) conditions, 20°C in dark (10 h) conditions, and 75% relative humidity. The controls consisted of PI312777 only and STB08 only grown in a container. Then, the ten PI312777 and STB08 plants for each treatment and control group were harvested directly into liquid nitrogen and used for RNA-Seq.